More About Fanzines

Contrary to popular perception, it was not theology that paved the way for fan magazines or fanzines like the Crypt of Cthulhu to evolve to its maximum potential. In fact, the roots of the first ever fanzines trace back to science fiction.

As far as the innovative brain behind the entire idea is concerned, it was certainly Chess Champion Russ Chauvenet who brainstormed this popular, path-breaking idea by translating his love for science fiction in the form of a community magazine built up and managed entirely by fans. The main idea here is that voluntary fans association and contribution greatly brings down the magazine cost, and therefore increases the outreach of the magazine to the greatest possible extent.

Popular Fanzine Genres

Of course the Crypt of Cthulhu has set a benchmark that very few similar publications can ever aspire to achieve. But to give credit where due, there are so many different genres for such fan magazines and publication works, which need to be acknowledged nevertheless. Here’s a look at some of the most popular genres:-

  • Musical Genres like Rock N Roll, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Blues, Jazz etc
  • Sports Themes like War Games, Video Games, Chess, Football, Basketball, Swimming etc
  • Health Genres like Fitness, Workouts, Specific Diseases Awareness etc
  • Comic Books Genres, especially with lead characters
  • Movie Genres like Horror Series, Fantasy Series, Comedy Series
  • Science Fiction Genres like Space Travel, Dinosaurs, Super-humans, Mutation, Robotics etc