An Overview Of The Crypt Of Cthulhu

We all know that the Crypt of Cthulhu has been accredited as the most popular theological fan magazine of its time. The topics and areas that were covered here were absolutely extensive and ranged from regular stuff like discussions on S John’s Eve, Yuletide and Lin Carter, to more fascinating ones such as Occult, Weird Tales and even Poetry.

Before we get to discussing about the various topics, we’re sure you would like to know more about the two authors, who provided the inspiration to their fans for putting up such a lovely, fun as well as enlightening theological fanzine series!

H P Lovecraft

Howard Philips Lovecraft had a momentous life that met with a tragic end. But that was not the most remarkable aspect of this American author’s life. The fact that his work was much ahead of his time, and his brilliance was never recognized during his lifetime, was the primary attribute that endeared fans who appreciated his work after his demise.

After almost a lifetime of writing and delving deep into the then unexplored genre of horror fiction, HP Lovecraft sadly never received the acclaim, glory and commercial success that he deserved. Slowly and steadily, he descended into a life of abject poverty, and very soon he met his demise with a broken heart. But with the inception of the Crypt of Cthuhlu, the author’s works, brilliance and ideology has been encapsulated into the hearts of his fans and readers forever.

All successive generations after Philip’s demise have not just loved his works, but also improvised upon it with a number of short-lived and long-lived fanzines, the most ground-breaking of which has been the Crypt of Cthulhu. And while mentioning this, we also pay due recognition to the entity of Cthulhu Mythos, whom we shall be paying a suitable tribute to, in the next page.